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We are an alliance of strategic
and imaginative thinkers,

never hindered by walls or
the confines of org charts.

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Todd Diamond


In the bigger picture of marketing, my role is to develop integrated programs through words, story, content,

and coaxing the best ideas out of creative teams. My work elicits a range of responses. I've heard clients say, "Exceeded every expectation." Other clients have said, "Love it, no way we'd ever run it." I've received personal notes of gratitude from CMOs. And every once in a while I've been asked off accounts for pushing things too far. Sometimes having a passion for the work, can work against you.


Charlie Northend

My agency career has taken an unusual path. I have been a Business Development Rep, Account Manager, Director of Client Services, VP of Strategy, VP of Creative and agency President. Wearing this many hats gives me a perspective few others have attained. But no matter the title, I have always focused on on thing: the target audience. Ultimately, my role is to make certain we deliver truly impactful work that moves consumers to a desired outcome and brands forward.


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